A downloadable Playtest Module

Tower of Smoke is a Souls-inspired 2D side-scroller that puts you on a perilous journey in a tower of battling mental health. By using coping mechanisms as temporary upgrades, they both improve and damage your performance in various ways, and it is up to you to take on this tower through fierce combat.

You have a health bar, a willpower bar and a numbness bar. Your coping mechanisms will impact your willpower and when it's empty you will not be able to use the coping mechanism.

This is a playtesting and research module, if you take the time to play the game, we would be very interested in your thoughts around these questions, feel free to fill in this form: 


After the completion of the game, if you want to provide us with even further data be sure to send us the "GameplayData.json" data file to us by uploading, it to one of the folders in this google drive link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1plr9gHAZ3FwyOj_0cEEcDlIoGk8lUpHO.

The json file will most likely be located in the Tower of Smoke folder, if it isn't you can probably find it it by going to your file explorer and checking the following location: C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\LocalLow\Better Built Studio\Tower Of Smoke.


Download the RAR file, unzip the files and put the folder anywhere where you can find it, start the game through the executable file in the folder. To exit the game, press esc


W/D - Move Left/Right

LShift - Dash 

Space - Jump 

E - Cope 

F - Interact 

Q - Potion 

R - Block 

1  - Offensive Cope 

2 - Defensive Cope 

3 - Utility Cope

ESC - Exit Game


Tower Of Smoke.rar 42 MB


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